Customer reviews

“Nothing But Good Words”

From Tina in Wyoming:

These recordings are just like being on the receiving end of your therapy. They give me the feeling that I am receiving your personal attention. I use the Stress and Deep Trance recordings a lot, and they have helped me relax and energize when needed.

I really, really enjoy listening to you and where you take me.

People close to me have noticed a change in me. I am more calm and relaxed and smile more. Right now things are beyond stressful with work, but things roll off me better and I am more confident.

I have nothing but good words to say about you and your product.

“A Few Words from a Submissive”

Hello, my name is Ana, and I’m a submissive woman who has discovered the joy of deepening the level of my service though the use of erotic hypnosis.

Even if you’re not currently enjoying the thrill of being owned and of serving that special Master just yet, hypnosis is a wonderful technique to help you become that perfect submissive woman you know is hiding deep down inside you.

If you’re anything like me, I know you thrill to hear the words “good girl” for a job well done. I promise you from personal experience that Hypno Master D’s recordings have had a profound effect on my life and my service … and I hear the words “good girl” a lot more these days because of it!

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