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Q. What is hypnosis?
A. Hypnosis is a mental state of heightened suggestibility, in which your deepest mental abilities can be discovered, encouraged, and brought out to flourish. These abilities can then be used to improve your life, remove barriers, banish old rules, heighten pleasure and even build new behaviors. It is an opportunity for your subconscious to be honored, and to enlist her powers in changing your life for the better.

Q. What is special about the Global Suggestion?
A. The Global Suggestion is very different from hypnotic methods that trick and distract your conscious mind, and that try to plant a complicated series of triggers and suggestions inside. Instead, the Global Suggestion begins with a direct discussion with your subconscious. At heart it supplies a single suggestion that your subconscious finds easy to remember and follow. And once in place, the Global Suggestion can be adapted for any purpose you have in mind.

This method also is entirely transparent and above board. There are no tricks to it. Your conscious mind and subconscious mind are told, at the same time, how the method works, even before the trance begins. That way you can relax and let your subconscious manage the transformation for you.

Q. What are these recordings like?
A. What you hear on the sound samples are typical of the full recordings: No sound effects, just a calm, friendly voice explaining where you are headed and then guiding you there and back.

Q. How do you know these recordings work?
A. Every recording is based on successful, real-life hypnotic sessions done with a variety of subjects. These are real topics requested and enjoyed by individuals who have experienced Global Suggestion effects.

Q. What happens if I just listen to one of the “advanced effects” without listening to the Global Suggestion induction first?
A. If you’re highly suggestible or an experienced hypnosis subject, the advanced recording might work by itself. But most people will need the induction recording to fully introduce their subconscious to the Global Suggestion method. The advanced recordings assume that the introduction is already in place.

Q. You can only make me do things that I already want to do, right?
A. Many hypnotists will say this. It’s only true with a big asterisk. Hypnosis plays by your subconscious’s rules. She knows your true goals, abilities and limits. But she is usually less inhibited than you, with fewer of the old social rules you’ve learned. And it’s her cravings that are the universe of what’s possible. So the reality is that you may be surprised by some of the things you findĀ  yourself doing after you have been hypnotized.

Q. How do I know it’s safe?
A. Every recording includes this reminder right up front: “You and your subconscious will respond to my suggestions only when it is safe and comfortable to do so.”

Q. What is your privacy policy?
A. The only information we need from you is your email address, since that’s our delivery path. (Sometimes PayPal will ask you for more information, such as your mailing address. But we don’t require that.) All the information we receive about you is kept completely confidential. After we receive it, we don’t share it with anyone.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. Yes. If it’s popular, we will consider offering it here on the site. If it’s a rare theme, inquire about custom recordings.

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