For hypnotists

Want to learn the Global Suggestion for yourself? Here’s how.

As demonstrated to hypnosis groups across the country: This is the only all-in-one guide to this powerful hypnotic technique. In 23 clear, helpful pages, Hypno Master D explains the concept, shows you how to use it, and gives dozens of examples of the wild effects you can create for your subjects.

Chapters include: The induction; Putting it into play; Talking with the subconscious; Cautions and caveats; The Global Suggestion and therapy; The Global Suggestion and BDSM play.

“Simple and brilliant! I would highly recommend this for both erotic and ‘clinical’ hypnotists as a very simple yet powerful way to communicate with the subconscious.” — Silkyn, Toronto

“This is dynamite!” — M.D., California

Global Suggestion Manual
Global Suggestion Manual
This popular guide is for any hypnotist who wants to add the Global Suggestion method to their existing skills. With it, you can explore all the possibilities of a single powerful, flexible suggestion that stays in place for years.
Price: $14.99

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